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Strukturer i akademiskt skrivande på engelska 7,5 hp FOR048F

Publicerad: 8 mars 2019

ECTS/HP: (7,5)

Course code: FOR048F

Education cycle: Third cycle

Course syllabus is decided by: Stefan Lundström, utbildningsledare forskarnivå

Examiner: Cathrine Norberg

Entry requirements: Acceptance as a PhD candidate

Intended learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, the postgraduate will

  • Be acquainted with the main features of both written and spoken Academic English and be capable of identifying them
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of the structure of an academic paper
  • Be able to write shorter texts in good academic English
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to reference sources accurately
  • Understand the principles involved in fair citation, plagiarism (inc. self-plagiarism), summaries and paraphrase.
  • Be able to organise information so that it is suitable for an academic presentation
  • Be able to present their own project orally without reading from a paper and with proper pronunciation
  • Recognice gender-specific language and practice writing neutrally

Course content:

The goal of this course is to enable the postgraduate student to gain a general  understanding  of  the features of academic English and be able to produce short written texts as well as giving an  oral presentation. The course is intended for PhD candidates in the early stages of their studies. The postgraduates should already have a reasonable command of English (B2 or higher) , but the course will include some reminders of common grammatical errors along with information on how to correct them.

Course methods: Lectures, individual reading, paired discussion and feedback, written assignments, oral presentations

Examination format: writing portfolio (5hp) and oral presentation (2.5hp)

Grading scale: U G

Literature: The course encourages PhD candidates to use subjects close to the topic for their dissertation and so there is no reading list. There will, however, be short texts and other materials in the e-classroom which PhD candidates will also be expected to read.

Course period: The course runs in 2022 and 2023. There are two separate course instances.

Autumn 2022 study period 2

Autumn 2023 study period 2

Send application to: eduhlt@ltu.se   State name, social security number (personnummer), mail address and department in the application.

Deadline for application: 10 October 2022, 9 October 2023

Contact person: Marie Nordlund (marie.nordlund@ltu.se)