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Third-cycle courses

Courses contribute to the doctoral student achieving the qualitative targets for a doctoral degree. For a degree of doctor the doctoral student shall have been awarded a pass grade for courses of at least 60 credits and for a degree of licentiate at least 30 credits.
In the general syllabus of the third-cycle subject area it is stated what applies to the subject area, and in the individual study plan it is stated what applies to individual doctoral students after consultation between the doctoral students and supervisors.

When drawing up and reviewing individual study plans, planned and approved courses are documented and it is stated whether the courses will be included in a licentiate or doctoral degree.  

The range of third-cycle courses at the university, which are the responsibility of departments, are categorised as general, broadened subject studies or in-depth subject studies. Courses and programmes in professional development are planned and carried out via Internal support.

Planning a course

Third-cycle courses are planned and carried out at the department having competence in the subject area. The examiner for the course must be qualified as docent or professor and be employed at Luleå University of Technology.

Courses published on the university website must have a course syllabus.The Head of Department will establish a course syllabus on the lines of an fixed template. Course syllabus must be registered.

An evaluation must be carried out after completion of the course and a course development report must be compiled. 

The principal supervisor is the examiner for courses in the category of “courses for professional development”, for which Internal support (official) is responsible. 

Examinations in education

Examinations that form part of third-cycle courses and study programmes shall be assessed in accordance with the grading system prescribed by the higher education institution. The grade shall be determined by a teacher specially nominated by the higher education institution (the examiner). HEO 6:32 (2010:1064).

Examinations included in third-cycle studies at Luleå University of Technology are given the grade of pass or fail. Study results are reported in Ladok no later than five working days after correction of the examination is completed. The examiner for the course is responsible for doctoral students who pass being registered in Ladok via the departmental administrator.

Application and result

Registration for third-cycle courses take place according to instructions in the course syllabus.

Doctoral student who wishes to attend a course at first-cycle level/second-cycle level apply in competition with other applicants to that course.

The principal supervisor is responsible for doctoral students who pass being registered in Ladok via the department administrator. A course approved at another seat of learning than Luleå University of Technology during the third-cycle studies is transfered by the principal supervisor. The examiner and seat of learning will be stated on the course certificate

Participants on courses at third-cycle level who have not been admitted to third-cycle studies at Luleå University of Technology will receive a course certificate from the department responsible for the course after they have passed an examination in the course.

Credit transfer

Appplication for credit transfer from a course that is approved before admission will be examined by the Faculty Board concerned (at Chairman level) within one month of admission. Credit transfer shall be judged on its contribution to the quality of the studies. Courses from which a doctoral student wishes to transfer may not be part of the general and/or the special entry requirements for the third-cycle subject area. Credit transfer from courses approved at another seat of learning requires that course certificate and course syllabus are enclosed as a basis for decision. Courses at first-cycle level/second-cycle level will be credited with half the course credits if the course was approved before admission to third-cycle studies.