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General syllabus

Published: 16 June 2020

For each subject in which third-cycle courses or study programmes are offered a general study syllabus is required. Higher Education Ordinance 6:26 (2010:1064). A general study syllabus shall indicate the following: the main content of the study programme, specific entry requirements and any other regulations required. Higher Education Ordinance 6:27 (2010:1064).

The general syllabus, is decided by the Chairman of the revant Faculty Board, after proposal by the Head of Department. An approved general syllabus is a requirement for the recruitment and admission of a doctoral student.  A prerequisite for the establishment of a general syllabus is that supervisor competence and capacity fulfil the criteria of the Boards. The drawing up of a general syllabus will take place using established templates. 

The establishment of a third-cycle subject area takes place via the Ladok group, and may only take place after the general syllabus has been established for the third-cycle subject area.