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Degrees for third-cycle studies

Published: 30 June 2020

Which degree doctoral student can apply for after completed studies must be cleared before the doctoral student is admitted to third-cycle studies.

Doctoral degree
In the first instance admissions to LTU are with the goal of a doctoral degree.

Licentiate degree
Notification and/or admission to a programme with the goal of a licentiate degree will take place after consultation with the Head of Department and the Chairman of relevant Facultyboard. The Head of Department gives special reasons for admission at licentiate level. Programmes with the goal of a licentiate degree shall be mainly aimed at professional persons who wish to gain professional development in the form of third-cycle studies. If a person wishes to continue studies after achieving a licentiate degree with the goal of a doctoral degree, the person may apply for admission to the later stage of the doctoral degree. However, the time period for doctoral employment is maximised as in Higher Education Ordinance 5:7.

Double degree or joint degree
If the education the doctoral student assumes to be admitted to is a collaboration between LTU and an international university, the degree may be a double degree or joint degree if agreements between the universities exist.

The purpose of a third-cycle educational collaboration that lead to a double degree or a joint degree is to increase internationalisation, foster the prerequisites for working in an international labour market and facilitate a broader skills base and collaborative gains for the universities.