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Entry requirements

Published: 18 June 2020

General and special entry requirements

A person has general entry requirements for third-cycle studies if he/she has
1. gained a degree at second-cycle level,
2. fulfilled course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, on which at least 60 credits are at second-cycle level, or
3. in some other way, in Sweden or abroad, has acquired generally equivalent knowledge. The higher education institution may allow exemption from general entry requirements for individual applicants if there are special reasons.  Higher Education Ordinance, 7:39

The demand for special entry requirements must be completely necessary for the student to be able to profit from the programme. These demands may relate to
1. knowledge from higher education or equivalent education,
2. special professional experience, and
3. necessary language skills or other conditions required for the course.
Higher Education Ordinance, 7:40

The general syllabus for each third-cycle subject area describes what special entry requirements apply to admissions for the subject area.