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Notification of doctoral position

Published: 18 June 2020

Questions about admission are decided by the university. Anyone wishing to be admitted to postgraduate education must apply within the time and in the order determined by the university. When a university intends to accept one or more doctoral students, the university shall inform about this through advertising or an equivalent procedure. However, no information needs to be provided
1. upon admission of a doctoral student who is to undergo the education within the framework of an employment with an employer other than the university,
2. upon admission of a doctoral student who has previously begun his or her postgraduate education at another higher education institution, or
3. if there are similar special reasons. Higher Education Ordinance, 7:37 (SFS 2006: 1053)

At Luleå University of Technology advertising for doctoral positions in a research subject takes place continuously during the year without established advertising opportunities. The minimum requirement is advertising on the university's main bulletin board and website and that the advertisement is submitted to the Swedish Public Employment Service. The application period is normally three weeks.

Exceptions from the requirement of advertising are if the place is intended for a doctoral student with external employment or a personal scholarship financed by a publisher other than the university, or the admission refers to the later part of the doctoral degree.

When admitting a person who is to conduct third-cycle studies within the framework of an employment at Luleå University of Technology, no advertisement is required but information about this is posted on the university´s main bulletin board.

The prerequisite for recruitment to begin is that the responsible Head of Department assesses that there is supervisor competence and capacity, a good work and study environment and funding during the planned training period. The Head of Department appoints a recruitment group with responsibility for recruitment and selection. Even gender distribution must be taken into account in the recruitment group.