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Departmental duties

Published: 23 July 2020

A person who are employed as doctoral student should primarily devote themselves to their own education.
However, an employee may to a limited extent work with education, research, artistic research and administration. Such work may, before the doctoral degree or artistic doctoral degree has been completed, not cover more than 20 percent of fulltime work. Higher Education Ordinance Chap. 5 § 2 (2014:1012).

It is important that the doctoral student and supervisor, in consultation with the Head of Department/Division, clarify what departmental duties involve in terms of time and tasks. Generally it is considered that a doctoral student should be present reasonably often in the department and participate in joint activities (e.g. departmental/divisional meetings) in the department/division since participation in the research faculty is part of the education. Duties over and above such participation are considered as departmental duties, such as teaching and other specific tasks.

When establishing the extent of teaching duties for each doctoral student, consideration must be given to preparation and follow-up work (including examination) required, which is related to the difficulty and level of the course, the character of the teaching and the subject, the structure of the teaching and method, and the doctoral student’s qualifications and experience of teaching in the course or field. A doctoral student shall have the opportunity of participating in scheduling course elements in those courses that the doctoral student will be teaching.

Before the doctoral student starts to teach, or work with other departmental duties, the individual study plan must clarify what departmental duties involve in terms of time. It is important that doctoral students are provided with good conditions for getting started with their studies. Like local working hours agreements for lecturers at LTU (ref 463-99), the departmental duties of doctoral students shall be planned annually and in consultation with the doctoral student concerned, the supervisor and Head of Department/Division. This may best take place when updating the individual study plan. In the indiviual study plan the departmental duties are planned and followed up. The actual outcome of the departmental duties is the basis for the calculation of the doctoral student´s level of activity. The scope may be specified as hours or as percentage, this is to be the proportion of the annual full-time working hours (currently 1,720 hours). For doctoral students with full-time employment, the departmental duties may not exceed 20 percent over time.