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Application for defence of thesis

Published: 2 July 2020

A doctoral student who wishes to make a public defence of a thesis must apply for this with the Head of Department, after consulting the supervisors. The principal supervisor will propose a time and place for the defence of thesis to the Head of Department together with proposals for an external reviewer and members of the examining committee, including a deputy and a chairperson for the public defence.

A presentation of those proposed, including their CVs are to be enclosed the application. The external reviewer, the members of the examining committee, including the deputy, principal supervisor and co-supervisors must each fill in a declaration of conflict of interest, which also are enclosed the application.

The external reviewer and members of the examining committee must have been contacted and stated their willingness to accept their respective tasks. One replacement (deputy) must be proposed, also contacted and willing to take on the task.

A short summary of the contents of the thesis (abstract) is to be enclosed. When articles are compiled, they must be listed as in the template with titles, co-authors, journal/conference and dates of published/accepted/submitted.

The Head of Department’s decision on the time and place and the proposal for external reviewer, examining committee and chairman must be at the Faculty Board concerned (chairman level) at the latest 8 term weeks before the date of the public defence

At the latest 4 term weeks before the defence of the thesis the chairman of the Faculty Board concerned will appoint an external reviewer, members of the examining committee, deputy and a chairman. The decision will be communicated to the parties concerned.