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Doctoral thesis

Published: 2 July 2020

The degree description for the doctoral degree and the artistic doctoral degree state that these degrees require, among other things, an approved doctoral thesis. The doctoral thesis must have been defended orally in a public dissertation. The doctoral dissertation must have been defended orally in a public dissertation. Higher Education Ordinance 6:33 (2010:1064).

A doctoral thesis at Luleå Univsersity of Technology can be deigned as a single coherent scientific paper (monograph thesis) or as a number of scientific articles (compilation thesis). The general syllabus of each third-cycle subject area describes the type of thesis required for the subject.

Previously published papers can be attached to a monograph thesis. The docotoral thesis in the form of a compilation thesis may only be approved if the various articles are combined in a introductory, summary text. The summary text integrates the various articles and clarifies the doctoral student´s work effort. In case of a compilation thesis where one or more articles have more than one author, the doctoral student`s contributions to the varoius articles must be described in the summary text. 

When the thesis is a compilation thesis the articles must be listed. It must be stated whether the articles are published, accepted, submitted or in manuscript as well as the article´s title, co-auhor, and journal/conference. A thesis written by two or more persons jointly may be approved if the author´s contributions can be distinguished.

The doctoral thesis must be written in Swedish or English.