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Double degree or joint degree

Collaborations between LTU and one or more other higher education institutions (HEI) regarding postgraduate education leading to double or joint degree require signed agreements before doctoral students can be admitted.

A third-cycle educational collaboration leading to a double or a joint degree cannot be established retroactively, and a doctoral student already admitted to a third-cycle programme at Luleå University of Technology cannot retrospectively be admitted to a joint study programme leading to either a double or a joint degree within the frames of a third-cycle educational collaboration.

Double degree means that the PhD student is admitted to and studies at each HEI and that the degree certificate specifies that the PhD student has taken a Degree of Doctor at each HEI following cooperation between the HEIs. Two degree certificates are issued.

Joint degree means that at least two HEIs organise and run a joint programme that will result in a joint degree and one degree certificate.

The purpose of postgraduate educational collaborations that lead to a double degree or joint degree is to increase internationalization and promote conditions for work in an international labor market, as well as enable broadened competence and collaboration gains for universities



A third-cycle educational collaboration that leads to a double degree or joint degree is created in three stages.

  • The first stage (Stage 1 agreement) describes the overall prerequisites for collaboration between the higher learning institutions. This agreement is created at the university level
  • The second stage (Stage 2 agreement) describes the programme-specific requirements of the collaboration and is created at the department level.
  • The third and final Stage (Stage 3 agreemenn concerns the specific details for each individual doctoral student, in addition to the individual study plan (ISP). The agreement is to be signed by the two responsible departments and the doctoral student.

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