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Titles of qualification

Published: 30 June 2020

Third-cycle courses and study programmes may lead to a Degree of Licentiate or a Degree of Doctor. A Degree of Licentiate may either be a stage of a doctoral degree, or a final goal.

At Luleå University of Technology the following third-cycle degrees are awarded. The degree certificate states in which third-cycle subject area the degree was taken.

Teknologie doktorsexamen Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Filosofie doktorsexamen Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Ekonomie doktorsexamen Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Juris doktorsexamen Doctor of Laws (LLD)
Teknologie licentiatexamen Licentiate of Engineering
Filosofie licentiatexamen Licentiate of Philosophy
Ekonomie licentiatexamen Licentiate of Philosophy
Juris licentiatexamen Licentiate of Laws

A licentiate degree or doctoral degree is normally given a title that refers to the name of the scientific area in which third-cycle studies are organised. If there are special reasons, a degree for an individual doctoral student may be given another prefix than that established in the general syllabus. Applications for a different prefix are examined by the board (chairman) or at the Vice-Chancellor level (ref. 3033-06). The head of department will apply for this during the admission of the doctoral student, or during the programme as soon as there is reason to examine whether the degree will be given another prefix than that already established. The chairman of the faculty board will decide at the latest 12 weeks before the licentiate seminar/public defence of thesis.

The Vice-Chancellor will make a final decision when the doctoral student wishes to have a doctoral degree in another scientific area than those existing at the university. A licentiate degree is only issued in the university's existing scientific areas. Applications must be received by the Vice-Chancellor in good time before the chairman (of the board to which the third-cycle subject area belongs) appoints the faculty examiner, examining committee and chairman, but at the latest 12 weeks before the date of the public defence of the thesis.

Grounds for assessment
When examining the possibility of obtaining another prefix on the degree certificate than the usual prefix for the scientific field to which the third-cycle subject area belongs, the following grounds for assessment apply:

  • the doctoral student’s degrees at first-cycle/second-cycle levels
  • entry requirements for admission to the third-cycle subject area  
  • the supervisors’ area of qualifications
  • the orientation of the licentiate degree/doctoral degree