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Withdrawal of supervision and other resources

Published: 3 July 2020

If a doctoral student substantially neglects his or her undertakings in the individual study plan, the vice-chancellor shall decide that the doctoral student is no longer entitled to supervision and other study resources. Before such a decision is made, the doctoral student and the supervisors shall be given an opportunity to make representations. The case shall be considered on the basis of their reports and any other records available. The assessment shall take into account whether the higher education institution has fulfilled its own undertakings in the individual study plan. A written record of the decision shall be made, which is to include reasons for the decision. Resources may not be withdrawn for any period in which the third-cycle student has been appointed to a doctoral studentship or is receiving a doctoral grant. Higher Education Ordinace 6:30 (2010:1064).

If study resources have been withdrawn pursuant to Section 30, the doctoral student may, on application to the vice-chancellor, recover his or her entitlement to supervision and other resources. The doctoral student must then demonstrate convincingly, by presenting prospective study results of considerable quality and scope or in some other way, that he or she can fulfil his or her remaining undertakings in the individual study plan. Higher Education Ordinance 6:31 (2010:1064).

Further information on the method of examining a doctoral student’s neglect of undertakings may be obtained from the university lawyers. Contact the lawyers

The decision to withdraw resources for a doctoral student’s studies and the decision that a doctoral student may not have such resources restored may be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board.