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Published: 3 July 2020

Application is made via after approved licentiate seminar. Courses and thesis credits, 120 credits, must have been reported to Ladok before you apply for a degree certificate. In order to apply for the degree, you need to login with your staff user ID. You need to indicate yourself which  courses are to be included in your degree. The courses you choose should be in accordance with the latest updated individual studyplan.

Our processing time is approximately 6-8 weeks. Your degree certificate will be sent to the address that is indicated in Ladok. You should, therefore, ensure that your contact information is correct. The degree certificate will be sent by registered post.  

The degree certificate states the third-cycle subject area, the title of the scientific work, courses passed (examinations) and any credits transferred from previous education. The degree certificate is issued in Swedish and English. A Diploma Supplement is enclosed with the degree certificate. The enclosure facilitates the recognition of foreign and Swedish degrees