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Printing, distribution and advertising

Published: 3 July 2020

The doctoral student is responsible for
booking a time for printing at the latest 10 term weeks before the licentiate seminar so that the thesis is printed and published at the latest 3 term weeks before the seminar. Ordering takes place via the printers (info and ordering via Grafiska tjänsters website),

registering the licentiate thesis with the LTU publication database,

submitting a proof-read and language-revised PDF file to the printers within the time agreed with the printers (info on Grafiska tjänsters' website)

sending the thesis to the appointed external reviewer,

sending the web address of the electronic version of the thesis to those concerned and interested.

 The printers is responsible for
setting the cover, printing and distribution of the licentiate thesis. The cover shall be printed in accordance with the university’s graphic profile and permanently attached to the thesis papers. The series Licentiate thesis is an unnumbered series. Every thesis is given a unique ISBN,

providing the library with a printed copy and sending a PDF file intended for electronic publication to the LTU publication database,

sending a printed, perforated copy to the faculty board concerned (secretary),

sending the ordered number of copies of the thesis to the department concerned, which are intended for own distribution, 

sending archive copies to the Registry and Archives.

The department is responsible for
paying costs for printing the thesis and making a PDF file intended for electronic publication.

The board secretaries are responsible for
issuing a notification which includes the web address of the electronic version of the thesis. The original is put in the doctoral student’s file, which is submitted to the degree official at Student Services. The notification is put up in the library. The notification is sent electronically to the Communications and Brand, the Library, the department concerned and the board concerned.

The library is responsible for
electronically publishing the licentiate thesis in the LTU publication database.

Communications and Brand is responsible for
advertising the time and place of the licentiate seminar at the latest 3 term weeks before the seminar and stating the web address where the thesis is published.