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Handbook for third-cycle studies

The Handbook för third-cycle studies at Luleå University of Technology contains references to law and regulations, internal rules, guidelines and applications as well as forms and templates used in third-cycle education.

The target group for the Handbook is doctoral students and personnel at the university.

Handbook for third-cycle studies is under review 2021.


Third-cycle studies 
Aims and objectives
Quality assurance and follow-up
Concepts and definitions 
Disciplinary domain
Research subject
PhD student
Admission to third-cycle studies 
Admission regulations
Notification of doctoral position
Entry requirements
The selection and admissions process
Credit transfer from earlier studies
Degrees for third-cycle studies
General syllabus
Third-cycle subject areas and general syllabus 
Financing studies 
Employment of doctoral students
Salary and degree premium 
Other ways of financing studies 
Doctoral students with external employment
Doctoral students with other employment at LTU
Education processes 
Introduction of new doctoral students
Individual study plan
Departmental duties 
University teaching basic courses
The student documentation system Ladok Ladok
Double degree or joint degree
Interruption of studies
Change of third-cycle subject area
Research ethics
Doctoral students’ advisor
Third-cycle courses 
Planning a course
Examinations in education
Application and result 
Credit transfer
Employment and qualification of supervisors 
Supervisor's responsibilities
Scope of supervision
Changing supervisors
Challenge issues 
Withdrawal of supervision and other resources
Third-cycle degrees 
Titles of qualification
Doctoral Degree 
Doctoral thesis
Application for defence of thesis
Faculty examiner 
Examining committee
Fees for faculty examiner and examining committee
Printing, distribution and advertising
Public defence of thesis
Setting grades
Degree certificate 
Licentiate degree 
Licentiate Thesis
Request for licentiate seminar
Printing, distribution and advertising
Licentiate seminar
External reviewer
Setting grades

Compulsory students’ union
Doubble or joint degree

Decision and delegation 
Evaluate third-cycle studies 
Forms and templates 
Studie administration

General syllabus for education at third-cycle level

Individual study plan

Course syllabus


Licentiate seminar

Double or joint degree

Publication list


Third-cycle studies

Joint Committee Group of the Faculty Boards

Ph.D student representative