2 Concepts and definitions

Published: 22 December 2009

2.1 Disciplinary domain

At Luleå University of Technology there are two domains: humanities and social sciences (philosophy faculty domain) and engineering science.

2.2 Third-cycle subject area

The Vice-Chancellor establish a third-cycle subject area and decides on description of the subject. The application is examined on the basis of criteria stipulated by the faculty boards. After consulting subject representatives, the head of department will propose a general syllabus for the third-cycle programme in the research subject and the faculty board will ratify the proposal.

The admission of a doctoral student to a third-cycle subject area assumes that a general syllabus has been established.

2.3 Research subject area

A third-cycle subject area that has been provided with a grant through the university’s internal resource allocation after examination by the faculty board and decision by the Vice-Chancellor is termed a research subject. In addition to financial resources (grant) being allocated to the subject, the decision means that a professor and subject representative are employed.  Subject representatives for third-cycle subject areas are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. There may be one or more other professors employed in the subject without commissions as subject representatives.   The primary role of a subject representative is to lead the development of the subject with respect to research, first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle programmes and interaction with the external world.

2.4 PhD student

Student admitted to and carrying out third-cycle studies.