Name points (7,5) credits Code (FOR034F)

Published: 18 June 2019

General third-cycle course. Main area: XXXX
or Third-Cycle course. Subject:

Course Syllabus

Course name: X
Course code: Enter course code. General third-cycle courses and courses the Departments are responsible for, open for all doctoral students to apply to, shall have a course code (see footnote). The examiner decide if a course shall be open for all doctoral students
Educational level: Third-cycle course

Entry requirements: For example specific prerequisites
Course content: Brief summary description of the course (area and aim)
Learning outcomes: Describe which of the goals in the Higher Education Ordinance, Annex 2, the course focus on. Describe if the course aims to give knowledge about gender mainstreaming
Course methods: Describe methods and activities used in the course, to meet the goals
Examination form: Describe which examination forms the course uses to ensure that goals/knowledge about gender mainstreaming are achieved.
Grading scale: Pass/Fail
Course literatureEnter course literature

Education cycle: Enter education cycle, period and year
Course is given periodically: Yes No
Send application to: Name, e-mail
Doctoral student enter name, civic registration number, e-mail, Division and Department in the application
Deadline for application: Date

Course open for application by doctoral students admitted to other universities than LTU: Yes □ No □

Limited number of students: 
Tution: If the course is allocated resources via internal resource allocation system, the course is free of charge for doctoral students admitted at LTU, for doctoral students admitted to other universities, course fees may be required. For other courses the Department decides on

Contact person: Name, e-mail, phone
Examiner: Professor or Docent

Course syllabus decided by: Head of the Department determine course syllabus (LTU-2783-2009)
Date of decision: