Joint Committee Group of the Faculty Boards - Education at third-cycle level

The group provides support to committees and assists in the preparation of matters relating to strategy, monitoring and evaluation in education at the graduate level. The group is tasked to communicate and facilitate diffusion of ideas between disciplines and between disciplines and between subject representatives, educators and students and ensure that supervisor training and induction training for graduate students (university level) develop. The joint committee group consists of members from the Faculty Boards, graduate representatives and administrators.

During 2019-2021 the group consists of:

Chairman: Lena Abrahamsson

Members from

Professional Services

Board of the Faculty of Science and Technology:

The Board of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FFN):

Ph.D. student representative

A doctoral students’ representative is for doctoral students who feel the need to discuss their work situation, supervisor or other issues with an impartial person. Doctoral students’ advisors are qualified at the docent/professor level. The third-cycle administrator may act as a doctoral students’ advisor in cases where the university’s doctoral students’ advisor is not appropriate due to personal relationships etc.

Doctoral students’ representative:

Deputy doctoral students' representative: