AI DIH North
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Applied AI DIH North

Making northern Sweden the leading region in Applied AI.

The project aims to create a strong innovation system for growth in the AI industry, a Digital Innovation Hub as a base, in collaboration, research, innovation, applied test-driven development, education and clustering.

The main financier is the European Regional Development Fund. Other financiers are Luleå University of Technology, Luleå municipality, Skellefteå municipality and Region Norrbotten. The project is ongoing 2020-2023.

The project offers a number of activities towards regional companies:

  • Company visits to identify needs, issues and to talk about the potential of AI
  • Create meeting places for strategic information work
  • Active support for the development of research-based or other innovative solutions
  • Possibility for researchers to work in the companies for some time
  • Develop and implement four long (20 months) and four short (10 months) collaborative projects out of real needs and issues that have emerged in meetings with the industry
  • Organizing knowledge-enhancing workshops focusing on current topics relevant to the development of AI and machine learning