Offers & how to get involved

Published: 1 April 2019

In this section we propose different ways to get involved, that contains "levels" of Industry AI engagement as well as educational activities and workshops.

"Levels" of Industry AI engagement 

  • Thesis projects / student projects
    • A degree project / thesis project, (exjobb) is an individual work at the end of an education at university level.  The student may be offered a ”thesis salary”.
    • A student project: A group of students work on a ”problem” defined by a company. 
  • Collaborative projects: Vinnova, H2020, etc
    • LTU and companies write a research and innovation proposal to a suitable call, adressing a certain area of joint interest 
    • Normally 2-3 years project length 
    • In-kind effort often expected by industry/SMEs
  • Industry PhD student
    • A PhD student at LTU is financed by the company 
    • Focusing on a problem area that is of importance to the company. 
  • Contract research and education 
    • A contract is set up between the company and LTU.  
    • LTU will assign a (group of) researcher(s) to work full/part time on a problem given by the company.