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First step towards AI Innovation Hub

Published: 11 April 2019

Luleå will become a flagship region in applied artificial intelligence, both nationally and at an European level. Through the initiative AI Innovation Hub, Luleå University of Technology will start its work on more AI innovations and collaborations around AI.

The starting point for the AI Innovation Hub took place on Wednesday at Vetenskapens hus. Around 140 representatives from the academy, companies, organizations and authorities gathered to discuss the possibilities for future collaborations.

The agenda included presentations of the university's AI research, a solid platform that extends over most research topics, such as Machine Learning, Robotics, Dependable Communication and Computing, Information Systems, and Machine Elements. In its applied form, it can be anything from driverless vehicles in mines and inspection of wind turbines with autonomous drones, to how a factory can be made more energy efficient.

Success requires collaboration

During the day, several companies, such as SKF, Mobilaris and Behaviosec, also described how they work with AI and what problems they are trying to solve by using it. There are already ongoing research projects where companies and Luleå University of Technology focus on innovations related to AI.

All the actors stated that collaboration is of utmost importance for successful research results as well as new innovations. In addition to collaborative projects, the university can also offer contract education within AI.

– The huge interest and positive resonance of the event yesterday shows us that Applied AI is an important topic for the Region and Luleå University of Technology, says Marcus Liwicki, professor of machine learning and initiator of the AI Innovation hub.

– This event was just a start of a series of events, projects, and joint activities transforming Luleå into a flagship region of applied AI.