Educational activities

Our mission is to transfer our deep knowledge and great experience in cutting-edge AI technologies to the young generation – the students – as well as practitioners in regional and national industries. Our needs-tailored AI-focused educational programs are the key to boosting the AI competences and enabling AI innovations. We provide world-class education and and life-long learning in theory and application, introduce novel interdisciplinary education areas, and showcase best practices in all topics of AI, including ethics, machine learning, deep learning, performance optimization of learning, and neuro-inspired computing. Our efforts include improving and leveraging the digitized education itself by introducing novel teaching, learning, and gamification paradigms for children and adults.

University Education

Applied AI; NN Learning Machines; Advanced Deep Learning, Robotics, Computer Vision for Robotics; Automatic Control; Industrial Informatics;

Masters: Data Science Master (2020)

Open Educational Meetings

  • Machine Learning Reading Group

  • Machine Learning Seminar

Educational Courses & Hands-On Sessions

  • NVIDIA DLI: 2019-05-23 (more information here)

  • 1-week Deep Learning curse in autumn 2019

    • joint activity of RISE and LTU;

    • Should be on the LTU professional education page; organized by LTU and RISE and LTUBusiness

  • Similarly, it is planned to have an educational course on innovation

  • Educational Course for Industry AI:ML (limited to LKAB): June

    • Serves as a pilot - similar events can be organized for other companies


5G-Innovation Hub North

  • Indoor 5G-Lab (TODO: Details)

  • Outdoor tesbed