Workshop: Deep Learning for Multiple Data Types

1 Nov. 2019, 08:30 - 17:00
Luleå , A3019, Luleå University of Technology
Published: 8 October 2019

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) and Luleå University of Technology invite you to attend a hands-on deep learning workshop. The workshop is for developers, academic students, staff, and researchers.

NVIDIA DLI offers hands-on training for developers, data scientists, and researchers looking to solve challenging problems with deep learning and accelerated computing.

Price: free

Assessment type: Coding, Multiple choice

Certification: Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will receive NVIDIA DLI Certification to recognize subject matter competency and support professional career growth.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic Python (functions and variables); prior experience training neural networks.

Languages: English

Tools, libraries, and frameworks: TensorFlow, TensorBoard

Remote participation is possible – the course will be stramed via Zoom.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the workshop, you’ll have an understanding of the fundamentals of deep learning for multiple data types and be able to:

  • Implement common deep learning workflows such as image segmentation and text generation
  • Compare and contrast data types, workflows, and frameworks
  • Combine deep learning-powered computer vision and natural language processing to start solving sophisticated real-world problems that require multiple input data types

Why Deep Learning Institute Hands-On Training?

  • Learn to build deep learning and accelerated computing applications for industries such as autonomous vehicles, finance, game development, healthcare, robotics, and more.
  • Obtain hands-on experience with the most widely used, industry-standard software, tools, and frameworks.
  • Gain real-world expertise through content designed in collaboration with industry leaders such as the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Mayo Clinic, and PwC.
  • Earn an NVIDIA DLI certificate to demonstrate your subject matter competency and support career growth.
  • Access content anywhere, anytime with a fully configured, GPU-accelerated workstation in the cloud.