Hedersdoktor 2016 Gerda Helena Lindskog
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Gerda Helena Lindskog, Honorary Doctor of Philosophy 2016

Published: 6 July 2016

Gerda Helena Lindskog is a Swedish writer who over the years produced a number of publications of great importance to the northern culture with a special focus on children's living conditions.

She now lives in Luleå, where she arrived for the first time as a librarian. Lindskog debuted in 1987 as the author of the book Benjamin dansar inte. After some time in Northern Norway her interest in the Northern children's literature awakened. The first work in the field of tourism with the North Norwegian literature for children came out in 1991. It was the starting point of the project Norrbarn, a bibliography of 470 children's books that deal with people, animals and nature in the north.

Lindskog's books are about both real children in northern Sweden, and the image of them. She has written both fiction as non-fiction. Significant work to pay attention to is Snölandets ungdom till hjälp with the subtitle Om kvinnor och män kring Norrbottens arbetsstugor för barn 1903-1933, and Vid svenskhetens nordliga utposter where she writes about the image of Sami in Swedish children's literature. In 2014 she came out with the book Först och främst misshagade namnet. It treats the working cabins for children in Tornedalen and Lapland between the years 1930-1954.

Lindskog has for many years been the president of Norrländska Writers Society, and was a project manager for a major Barents Project in the field of literature, and has contributed to the release of a comprehensive Barents Anthology. She has been the County Council's literature consultant in Norrbotten and Chairman of the Writers' Union North.

Gerda Helena Lindskog has through her writing contributed indispensable knowledge of our northern heritage, and given voice to people whose stories are seldom heard.