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With a sense of wood and people

Published: 9 November 2018

In his honorary doctorate lecture, Lars Martinson told shared the interesting story about the family company Martinson's development. What started in 1929 when Lars Martinson's great grandfather Sigurd bought an ambulatory sawmill, has today grown to a leading wood processing group who takes advantage of the latest technology.

A great interest in technology development has made Martinsons always at the forefront of wood processing, but something that has been even more important for the company's success is its culture and employees. When employees can use the technology more efficiently than competitors, the company gains a competitive edge.

– We have a strong corporate culture with whom we work actively and we have always been characterized by prestigiousness. People are allowed to develop with us, which means it's okay to make mistakes sometimes. We solve the tasks together and our employees are proud to be part of what we call the "Martinsons spirit", says Lars Martinson, CEO of Martinsons Group, and the Faculty of Engineering's choice of Honorary Doctorate at Luleå University of Technology in 2018.

Supports wood research

Martinsons transform the northern forest into high quality timber products, modern glulam beam products and ready-made functional solutions that underlie modern, environmentally-conscious construction. But Lars Martinson also works for the wood industry as a whole, through which he through the foundation Träenigheten was involved in initiating the big program SkeWood, which financed research studies in Wood Science and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. Lars Martinson was also active in the formation of the research center WoodCenter North at the university where he participates in the board. The research that he and Martinsons are interested in include, among other things, industrial wood construction and new process engineering for sawmills.

Several awards

The company Martinsons has won several awards in industrial wood construction. One example is the Studio Acusticum concert hall at Luleå University of Technology, which consists of adhesive glue and solid wood wall elements, so-called KL wood. For that reason, Martinsons 2008 received the National Wood Construction Strategy Award for Excellent Modern Wood Building in the "Building Big and Exciting Wood" competition. The solution was developed in collaboration with architects and sound researchers, and the result was a world-class acoustics hall. Martinsons also part of the wooden building of the year in Norway 2013, which was the Nord-Österdal school in Tynset.

More women in the wood industry

At the end of the presentation, Lars Martinson talked about a question he thinks is important, namely to attract more women to Martinsons, as well as the wood industry in general.

– We have employed several women and we have never really seen any difference between men and women in the profession. The problem is that it has been difficult to attract women to the industry and for that reason we have worked more systematically with that question in recent years.

Lars Martinson, Technology Honorary Doctor

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