Ulf Marklund
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Ulf Marklund, Honorary Doctor of Technology 2013

Published: 13 August 2013

Ulf Marklund, Director of Strategy - Business Development Boliden Business Area Mines has awarded an honorary doctorate by the Universitys engineering faculty.

Ulf Marklund graduated in 1977 from Luleå University of Technology as a M.Sc. in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering. He is director of strategy and business development within Boliden's Business Area Mines.

- I am shocked and very happy, he says. The industry has been working on to develop cooperation with the university and I think we've come a long way which is likely to underlie the nomination.

For many years, Ulf Marklund worked to strengthen LTU's development in mineral research area. He has within MITU and Bergforsk helped to develop and finance major research program that has made LTU into one of the leading mining university and has worked closely with the university in various centers and was also chairman of the board of mining research program 2007-2012.

Ulf has, by encouraging financial contributions and by actively participating in the intensified recruitment efforts undertaken in 2012 and 2013, contributed to the strong improvement in application rates for university education in mining area. By ensuring interaction with industry, he has played a significant role in the quality of education and development.