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12:00 16 Nov
Robert Hällmark - professorsinstallation 2020

Bridge construction – research that connects past, present and future

16 Nov. 2020, 12:00 - 13:00
Online on
Published: 29 October 2020

Robert Hällmark, new Adjunct Professor in Structural Engineering with a focus on bridges, lectures on current bridge research to improve the bridges of the future and to preserve existing structures.

Bridges are buildings with a long history. The research and development that is currently conducted in the area is further based on knowledge accumulated over millennia. Research in combination with the development of new materials and analysis methods has enabled the construction of slimmer, longer and stronger bridge structures, but has also contributed to existing structures being able to continue to be kept in operation despite increasing traffic loads and intensity. The bridge research has been conducted at Luleå University of Technology in recent decades and has successfully contributed to this, which is something to build on into the future. Welcome to a lecture on bridges in general and steel and collaboration bridges in particular!

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Live broadcast: Bridge construction - research that connects past, present and future

Robert Hällmark

Robert Hällmark, Adjunct Professor, 1:stReaserch ingeneer

Organisation: Structural Engineering, Structural and Fire Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering