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At the Academic Ceremony at Luleå University of Technology, new Professors, Doctors, Adjunct Professors and Honorary Doctors will be installed and welcomed. Here you find their lectures, and other arrangements in the fall that attach to the Academic Ceremony. Welcome!

Attractive employers attract competent employees

Maria Ek Styvén - installation

Pervasive and Mobile Computing systems work together to solve problems

Olov Schelén - professorsinstallation 2020

CANCELLED: How far is it from Norrbotten to space?

René Laufer, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Bridge construction – research that connects past, present and future

Robert Hällmark - professorsinstallation 2020

Movement is life – a good movement control can gild life

Ulrik Röijezon - professorsinstallation 2020

CANCELLED: World-leading X-ray affects the wood industry of the future

Lars Hansson

The architecture of future cities after covid-19

Agatino Rizzo - professorsinstallation 2020