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Photo: Rickard Garvare

Dictionary – Academic ceremony

Banquet, big official feast. At LTU, the banquet takes place at Luleå Energi arena immediately after the Kulturens hus ceremony. 400-450 guests usually attend - the new doctors, honorary doctorates, new professors, new adjunct professors, invited honorary guests, some teachers and other employees.

Master of ceremonies, the president of the ceremony.

Diploma, originally a written confirmation of received rights.

Doctor of graduation, doctor who has not yet been promoted.

Doctoral degree, the degree that completes postgraduate education. For a doctorate, the doctoral student must be approved partly in the examinations that are part of the postgraduate program and have an approved doctoral dissertation.

Doctor hat, it symbolizes freedom but also power. The hat is black and pleated with the university's buckle, symbolizing the doctor's worth, freedom, but also power. Doctors who are promoted get the hat as a gift of LTU.

The doctor's ring, of gold, symbolizes the faithfulness to science. Different doctoral degrees have different designs. At the ceremony, the ring is handed to honorary doctors and symbolically to the doctors. Doctors have the right to hold the ring following doctorate exam.

Faculty, historical designation of a coherent group of subjects at a university. At LTU there is a Faculty of Engineering and a Faculty of Philosophy. Formally, the term has been replaced with scientific fields. The faculty is responsible for the promotion of its doctors. At LTU, it is the deans who promote the doctors.

Fanborg, the banners carried by marshals in the academic procession. The fanborg consists of the Swedish banner, LTU's banner and the banners of the student's societies.

Fanfare, short and magnificent trumpet signal, in ceremonial contexts played as expressions of tribute.

Honorary doctorate, a dignity that the faculties award to persons whom they especially wish to honor and link to their community.

Insignia, external signs of dignity. At Swedish universities, the insignia of the doctor's hat /the laurel, the doctor's ring and the diploma.

Installation, solemn act by which professors are appointed in their duties. Professors installed are called installandi and the university director who installs the professors called installer. Installation also takes place when a newPrincipal of a university is installed.

Inaugural lecture, held by the new professors. At the University lectures are held at the respective institutions.

Laurel, can be derived from the Greek god Apollon, including the god of science and sculpture. The wreath can be awarded within the Faculty of Philosophy.

Marshal, students who have ceremonial support functions and are led by the Head marshal.

Promotor, is the one who promotes honorary doctors and doctors. At LTU, the deans who promote the honorary doctors and the vice deans promote the doctors.

Promotion, is a solemn ceremony where honorary doctors and new doctors receive the insignia.

Promovendus/a, the one to be promoted, pl. promovendi.

Procession, is the name of a festive festival train, especially in religious contexts, but also at academic festivals.

Head marshal, assist the ceremony master in his mission.