Nordea´s Scientific prize 2011 is awarded to Professor Pär Weihed

Geological researcher awarded at LTU

Pär Weihed, a professor at the university and Sweden´s only Professor of Ore Geology was awarded Nordea Scientific price 2011th
- It feels really great, and is a recognition of mineral and mining research in Sweden, said Pär Weihed.

At lunch on Wednesday  Pär Weihed received Nordea Norrlandsstiftelses scientific price of SEK 100 000. He got the price  for his ore geological research at Luleå University of Technology which aims to develop better exploration techniques.

- I've just come from Brussels and there is a huge focus on raw materials and minerals and I think that what we see in our country sent today, in terms of minerals and mining is only the beginning of something bigger, said Pär Weihed.

     "If you understand how ores
             gets formed, it is

        easier to find new ones"

David Jones, head of Nordea office in Luleå, presented the award and reead the justification for the price, "Professor Pär Weihed at Luleå University is Sweden's only professor of ore geology. Ore Geological research aims to develop methods of finding new ores, and is important for the mining industry. With the motto that "if you understand how ores are formed, it is easier to find new ones" Pär Weihed has developed traditional description of the ore. "

"He has also embarked on new paths in the great 4-D project in which he advanced measurement and analysis first produces a three dimensional picture of the bedrock and ores, which he then supplemented by a fourth dimension, time. Pär Weihed is an international well known researchers at Luleå University of Technology, and he is working on a master plan for the entire mining research at the national level and in the EU context. "

- New methods are needed for us in Norrbotten, which depends on the ore mining. But it is important not only for Norrbotten residents but also for the rest of the world's mining industry, said David Jones.

Pär Weihed work has resulted in a unique model that describes the bedrock in four dimensions, where the fourth dimension is the time. In connection with the award ceremonyIn, Pär Weihed showed his unique 4-D model and the importance of understanding the bedrock development over billions of years in the search of new ore deposits.

- This model helps to find new large deposits without expensive boreholes. You just have to realize what potential we have here in Norrbotten and that what we see now is only the beginning of an incredibly exciting time, said Pär Weihed.

Nordea Norrlandsstiftelses scientific prize awarded annually to a researcher at Luleå University of Technology and aims to promote scientific research that develops Norrland business.

At the university's academic celebration ceremony on November 12 is an official prize ceremony.


Office Manager David Jones, Nordea
david.jones @

Pär Weihed


CAMM - Centre of Advanced Mining and Metallurgy


LocaL Newspaper: Norrbottens Kuriren


Swedish Radio 23 Aug 2011 - Per Weihed


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