Sara Mazur, honorary doctor 2015.

With 5G towards the future

Published: 11 November 2015

She is the head of the research department at Sweden's largest IT and telecom company, and was last year appointed Sweden's most powerful IT woman by Computer Sweden. Now Sara Mazur is also appointed Honorary Doctor of Philosophy at Luleå University of Technology.

– I feel very happy and deeply honored by the nomination, says Sara Mazur when she lectures at Luleå University og Technology under the headline 5G.

The choice of the lecture topic probably falls naturally; Ericsson is a company that annually invests 36 billion SEK on research and development, and the last five-six years, a large part of the research has been about 5G.

– Our vision is that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, says Sara Mazur.

– These devices will change everyday life for us, but also change the industry and the whole society. At Ericsson, we talk about the networked society. Only when all the devices that can benefit from being connected, are connected, people and industries will reach their full potential.

Connected infrastructure

And it is not just about computers and phones. In the future society, everything from police and fire services to industrial robots and transport systems will be connected. Which of course requires the delivery of reliable, robust and security-functioning networks.

– I do not think that the 5G technology is the technology that will be available in perpetuity. But right now it's our focus, says Sara Mazur when asked if it's not time to redirect research towards 6G.

Sara Mazur studied Civil Engineering in Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology and got a doctorate there in Plasma Physics in 1994. At Ericsson, she has worked since 1995 and is since 2012 head of the research department.

– My biggest asset as a manager is my staff. My biggest challenge is to make the right decisions about what to prioritize, especially given that we operate in a highly competitive industry, says Sara Mazur.

Valuable collaboration with the university

Sara Mazur recieves her Honorary Doctor of Philosophy for her achievements in the ICT area, efforts which are important for the research conducted within the university's Areas of excellence in research and innovation Enabling ICT.

The cooperation with Ericsson Research in Luleå is led by Sara Mazur and has resulted in regional and international cooperation porjects with Luleå University of Technology, for example, in mobile services, mining communications and cloud solutions for data centers.