New Honorary Doctors

Published: 16 September 2018

The Academic ceremony will take place in Aula Aurora, building D, entrance D2 on campus.

Beginning of the ceremony

The ceremony in Aula Aurora will begin at 16.00. Saturday 9 November. At 14.45 all those participating in the procession will gather in corridor 500 of the D building. Nazanin Emami is in charge of organizing the proceedings. The procession is led by the master of ceremonies. As the procession marches into the auditorium, music is played to mark their entrance, which continues until everyone in the procession is in place.


LTU have hired a photographer to take pictures during the ceremony. Before and after the ceremony, group photographs will be taken in accordance with the schedule which will be posted on Academic ceremony. This year photographs of Honorary doctors will be taken before the ceremony. Photos can be ordered about two weeks after the ceremony.


During the conferment ceremony, you will receive the insignia doctoral hat, doctor's ring  and the diploma. If you participate in the conferment ceremony, you will receive the doc­toral hat as a gift. I

It is important to take your measurements for the doctoral hat. These measurements must be taken no later than  11 October.

Measurements for hat can be taken at:

Location Business Address Phone
Luleå Skräddar’n Tullgatan 12 0920-691 19
Göteborg Franzens Hattmakeri V. Skansgatan 1B 073-701 43 09
Malmö Westerblads hattaffär Ö. Förstadsgatan 27B 040-18 62 97
Stockholm Steens Herrmode Odengatan 106 08-34 93 00
Umeå Högtidskläder Karlsson eftr V. Norrlandsgatan 22A 090-77 02 17
Uppsala Rolands Herrmode Dragarbrunnsgatan 32 018-12 92 00


If you take the measurements for the hat anywhere outside of Luleå, please send the measurements directly to the hatter - Marie Fredsberg-Lindström, Ekuddevägen 11, 617 32 Skärblacka, or e-mail and write Promotion i Luleå and your name.  If you are unable to take the measurements for the hat, please inform Contact the hatter as soon as possible but no later than 11 October.

Please let us now the size of your doctoral ring not later than 15 September.


The university invite you and your spouse to the banquet. You may invite an additional 5-6 guests to accompany you to both the ceremony and the banquet.  Personal tickets to the ceremony are sent together with letter of confirmation via e-mail. The event is of little satisfaction to children since it requires that they sit still for about two hours. It can be distracting if children are restless or talk during the ceremony.

The cover charge for your guests to the banq­uet is SEK 850 per person.

Invited guests shall have taken their places no later than 15.45 in Aula Aurora. After the c­eremony, the guests who are to come to the banquet will make their way to STUK in the C building. Those who do not wish to take a short walk will be able to take a bus to STUK from ent­rance D2.

What to wear

Formal dress is required at the conferment ceremony and banquet reception. Installandi are to wear a tailcoat with white waistcoat and white bow tie, long dress or two piece garment with a long skirt. Guests are to be in formal dress or a dark suit, long dress or two piece garment with a long skirt.

Final rehearsal

In order for everything to run smoothly, it is necessary to have a final rehearsal. This will take place on Friday  8 November, from 15.00 to 17.00 in Aula Aurora. There is no dress code for the final rehearsal. Please take your empty hat box after the rehearsal.

The banquet

The banquet will be held in STUK in the C building. No tickets are required for the banquet.

The banquet consists of a three-course dinner with drinks, and coffee. After the meal, everyone is invited to dance.

The festivities commence at around 18.30 in STUK. In the programme, you will find seating arrangements. The toastmaster is the master of ceremonies, who will start the proceedings. At dinner, your guests will be seated at "your table".


The last date to register is 9 October.

Questions? Please contact