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Åsa Gardelli
Åsa Gardelli, Professor of Education. Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Åsa Gardelli, professor of pedagogy

Published: 11 November 2021

During her 25-year research career, Åsa Gardelli has focused on research related to children, young people and adults with disabilities and in vulnerable situations. She is basically a trained teacher and felt early on that she wanted to help improve the living conditions of people with various disabilities and of children and young people in need of support.

Åsa Gardelli's research is in the field of special education and concerns, among other things, situations for people with various disabilities and how their quality of life can be improved. One area affects people with acquired brain injuries, injuries that are not congenital but occur traumatically in, for example, an accident. In recent years, she has conducted studies regarding "Philosophical conversations with people with acquired brain injuries", to deepen the knowledge in communication for these people. It has proven to be a unique investment and a previously unexplored area.

A motivation for Åsa is to work for the good and for increased democracy and equality. She wants to give voice to people who are marginalized and help remove obstacles to participation in society. If she could dream freely, she would see that all children lived such a life that in practice they were not in vulnerable situations and were not in need of special educational efforts.

Åsa Gardelli, born in 1954 in Luleå, defended her dissertation in 2004 at Luleå University of Technology with a dissertation on how people with various disabilities can use information and communication technology to influence their life situation. Among other things, Åsa participates in a collaboration between other researchers in pedagogy / special education and with researchers in computer game technology to develop digital solutions that can increase people's ability to function and remove obstacles to participation in society. In her free time she likes to be out in nature, in the winter on the slalom slope and in the summer in the sailboat.