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Emil Hällstig
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Emil Hällstig, adjunct professor of experimental mechanics

Published: 1 November 2021

Emil Hällstig was early interested in photography and 3D images in the form of holograms. What fascinated me was the visual, creating images of light. This also led to his work and research in optical measurement technology. Today he works for the international company Veoneer, which develops technology and sensors for cars.

Emil Hällstig's research is about laser radar, so-called LiDAR, which is the equivalent of radar but which uses light instead of radio waves. By sending out laser pulses and measuring the time it takes for the light to go back and forth to an object, you can calculate the distance. With the help of LiDAR, cars can become more intelligent and thus prevent accidents and become more self-driving.

He is driven by how basic physics and optics can be used for new exciting technical products and, above all, whether these products can contribute to fewer accidents or more environmentally friendly self-driving vehicles. Emil Hällstig thinks that the most fun is to solve difficult problems together with colleagues and customers and develop something that then comes in handy. The hope is to be able to ride in a car that has been made completely self-driving with the help of such sensors in the not too distant future.

Emil Hällstig, born in Skellefteå in 1975, defended his dissertation in 2004 at Uppsala University on how to control and shape light without moving parts. In 2017, his then development department at the Skellefteå company Optronic was acquired by the company Autoliv, which has since given him the opportunity to work with a number of car companies from around the world. Today he divides his time between the research subject experimental mechanics and Veoneer. In his spare time, he spends time with his family, likes to be in the summer cottage by the sea and plays beach volleyball as often as possible.

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Emil Hällstig

Emil Hällstig, Adjunct Professor

Organisation: Experimental Mechanics, Fluid and Experimental Mechanics, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics