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Esa Vuorinen
Esa Vuorinen, Professor of Engineering materials. Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Esa Vuorinen, Professor of Materials Engineering

Published: 1 November 2021

Esa Vuorinen is researching how the microstructure of steel can be modified to create properties that are advantageous for different applications. Modern steel production began in the 19th century, but enormous development is still taking place. Especially during the last 20 years, it has become possible to explain the properties of steel in a more precise way than before, he says. An important driving force in his work is to reduce the environmental impact of the products that are produced.

His research has, among other things, led to the production of new material for road barriers, which has been shown to reduce material consumption by 25 percent, and at the same time increase crash safety. The high-strength steel is three times stronger than the steel used today. For the heating documents he works with, he would like to create vivid maps that can be used to produce steel with desired combinations of properties for different products.

In his subject, internships are used in teaching in an active way. This means, among other things, that students learn to use the advanced lab equipment available at the university. Esa Vuorinen is extra proud of the teaching he has conducted where the students have also been an important part of his research. Together, they have, among other things, developed an improved welding methodology for high-strength steels, which means, for example, that crash safety in cars increases.

Esa Vuorinen, born in 1956 in Jakobstad, Finland, defended her dissertation in 2012 at Luleå University of Technology with a dissertation on heat treatment methods for creating fine-grained steels. Perseverance and patience are qualities that have followed him in various ways throughout his life - partly in sports during his youth, partly in research where the key has been to become more precise in his issues. Among other things, he spends his free time chairing the Avans sports club.

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Esa Vuorinen

Esa Vuorinen, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 493449
Organisation: Engineering Materials, Materials Science, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics