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Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson, Adjunct professor of Human work sciences. Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Johan Larsson, adjunct professor of Human work sciences

Published: 10 November 2021

Johan Larsson's interest in work science was already aroused during his undergraduate education, when he did his degree project in the economics engineering program at the University of Gävle. He followed companies that have been named Sweden's best workplace and studied how they worked, and this paved the way for a long career in leadership and health. He now works as a senior work environment strategist at LKAB, where he mixes research with development and training in work environment. He sees himself as a link between theory and practice, between Luleå University of Technology and LKAB.

Johan's research is about leadership and conditions in the workplace that promote health, efficiency and active employees. He studies behaviors, leadership development programs, work activities and health. Among the tools he uses are continuous health measurements to give managers early warning signals, leadership and employee accounts. Johan has chosen to focus on the positive scale of work environment work with health factors that are health-promoting: how are environments created where people feel good, want to be active and perform?

For Johan, the job is most fun when he gets to have knowledge-driven dialogues with colleagues that give new ideas, while at the same time helping to increase knowledge and understanding of leadership, employeeship and the work environment. In 2010, he was named HR Visionary of the Year, something he is very proud of, and he dreams of completing a book that reaches managers in an easily accessible way.

Johan Larsson was born in 1979 in Östersund. He defended his dissertation at Mid Sweden University in Östersund in 2010 with a dissertation on leadership for health and efficiency, where he studied managers' views of people, leadership behaviors and tools for supporting leadership. In his spare time, he likes to train, drive a tractor and renovate and maintain buildings. He is also working on a photo diary with pictures from the unpolished everyday life.