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Ulrika Bergmark
Ulrika Bergmark, professor of Education. Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Ulrika Bergmark, professor of pedagogy

Published: 10 November 2021

Ulrika Bergmark has a lifelong connection to learning and as a child often played school in front of the ironing board as acting chair. She later trained as a high school teacher but continued into the academic world and is today a professor of pedagogy.

During her time as a high school teacher, Ulrika became curious about why some students are willing to learn, while others do not want to give it a chance. It was the starting point for her research and she has today, among other things, examined the importance of relationships for students 'learning and teachers' development of teaching and especially how they develop a scientific approach. The most fun thing about Ulrika Bergmark's job is to see her research lead to development.

Ulrika dreams that more people with research competence will be present in the school, and wants to build bridges between universities and school activities, and between research and development within the school. She is driven to see the teaching develop and feels that it makes sense to work together with teachers and students and other leaders in school activities. An important work for Ulrika is to have been part of UDiN, Utbildningsdialog i Norr, an experience-changing seminar series in education. Despite the pandemic, interest has been high.

Ulrika Bergmark, born in 1973 in Piteå, defended her dissertation in 2009 at Luleå University of Technology with a dissertation on the role of treatment for students' learning. She has a number of awards and pedagogical awards, including Educator of the Year from Delta Kappa Gamma 2013. On her merit list are two books written with teachers, one of which was released in the autumn of 2021. She is very proud of this. In her spare time, she engages in family, outdoor life and choir singing.