Academic ceremony 2011

This years academic ceremony took place on Saturday 12 November 2011. Honorary doctors lectures took place on Friday 11 November.

Academic festival LTU 2011

Academic celebration 2011 - a magical night

The sound of highheals against the stone floor have just reached the audience in the back of the hall. Soon after, the solid door opens, and all listeners turns around. To input music by Emil Råberg, performed by Music School Chamber Choir, vice-chancellor, Johan Sterte leads the academic procession to the Aula Aurora. Formal Dressed in tuxedo and colorful dresses they march into the hall. Soon the hat, the ring and the diploma will be theirs.

Prior to this academic feast,  57 pleated, black hats are waiting for their rightful owners, that in the hat get their doctorate dignity addition. Moreover there are diploma decorated with yellow-blue silk ribbon for seven adjunct professors, as well as for 18 new professors, and so a number of Academic Prices . Everyone will be honored in person, but first a speech addressed to them all.

- There is something special about academic feast days, that we, with pomp and circumstance pay attention to some at the university that has reached a milestone in their lives during the year, and that we hand out acknowledgments to people who meant and means a lot to our development, said Johan Sterte, Vice Chancellor in his greeting speech.

One of these, for LTU important people,  who would have been present this day, never got to experience this day. Elisabeth Holmgren, County councillor who has been appointed Honorary Doctor died of disease shortly before the Academy ceremony. Jan Berg, Chairman of the philosophical faculty, honored her in connection with the academic ceremony by a warm speech in which her role for Luleå University of Technology was highlighted and the university's thoughts went to her relatives, on this day.

- Elisabeth Holmgren's work focused on quality. She saw the connection between research and clinical practice and the usefulness of the link between them was strengthened. How research will be beneficial to health, was central to her. Several doctors who receive their doctoral hats in health science subjects can be grateful for Elizabeth's involvement in creating a researchschool at the university, said Jan Berg.

- Elisabeth Holmgren contributed to the university's success and development - she leaves a void behind her, while her efforts inspires to take after. One of the best ways to honor Elizabeth's memory is to continue working in her spirit in which research, education and healthcare continue to be integrated with high quality, he continued.

Throughout the academic ceremony Musikhögskolan i Piteå and members of the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble sang beautiful music, as To See a World of Sven-David Sandström, Kristallen den fina, traditional arrangement by Gunnar Eriksson and Fest-und Gedenksprüche, set 1 by Johannes Brahms. Furthermore Brass Ensemble of Musikhögskolan i Piteå entertained as well as David Wahlén, who played the accordion and Natalya Ivanova who played balalaika.

Johan Sterte congratulated, doctors, honorary doctorates and the new professors, and spoke of the importance each one has to Luleå University of Technology. The research and education conducted at LTU require skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated researchers and teachers. The new doctors, got a few particularly well-chosen words on the way, written in the early 1970s by the now 70-year-old Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan), now quoted by John Sterte:

May your hands always be busy,

May your feet always be swift,

May you have a strong foundation,

When the winds of changes shift,

May you always be Courageous;

Stand up tall and be strong,

May you stay forever young,

Snaps Academy entertained at the banquet

A number of academic awards were also issued in connection with the Academic Festival: Martin Lindmark, Department of civil, envirnonmental and natural resources engineering  got the "Luleå University prize for excellent work for the benefit of education on basic and advanced levels," Pär Weihed, Department of civil, envirnonmental and natural resources engineering, got the "Nordea scientific award, "Gödecke-Tobias Receivers, Department of civil, envirnonmental and natural resources engineering and Malin Lindberg, Economy, Technology and Society got" the Norrbotten Research Council award to Curt Bostrom honor", "Mattias Grahn, Department of civil, envirnonmental and natural resources engineering received" Kungliga Skytteanska Samfundets  prize for the most deserving young scientists in engineering science at Luleå University of Technology", Sara Cloth, Engineering Science and Mathematics got a price from Vattenfall to encourage good performance in the work of the licentiate, Koteshwar Chirumalla and Kristina Johansson, Economy, Technology and Society and Susan Westman, Arts, Communication and Learning was given travel grants from Nordeas Norrlandsstiftelse to graduate students enrolled at the university."

After the two-hour ceremony, the procession marched with all ceremony dressed people out of Aula Aurora. Many of the new doktors, as it seemed, now with a much lighter feeling in their body. They met their relatives in the audience with wonderful open smiles. Outside the Aula Aurora they received good wishes, warm handshakes and congratulatory hugs.

After the academic ceremony over 400 people was attended at the banquet in the evening. There, guests could enjoy a menu designed and prepared under the direction of Norrbotten gourmet king Simon Laiti.  During the mingling, the guests could enjoy a snack with Kalix löjrom, wood smoke bear and fjällkoost to a glass of sparkling Cruse from southwestern France. For starters, it was arctic char, main course consisted of reindeer and as dessert  was served white Valrhona chocolate & buckthorn and some seeds licorice.

The musical entertainment during the evening was: Snapsakademien at LTU part of JP Nystrom, Captain Nemo and (as a little surprise) vice chancellor Johan Sterte. The entire banquet hall adorned with hundreds of stately pink flamingo-red flowers. The murmur rose rapidly to the ceiling and the numbers were joyful, like the songs, and the toasts were many.

- It's a magical night, said the honorary Doctor Malin Frenning about the eveneing.

During the banquet, speeches were held by Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte, installand Professor Pertti Lamberg, promovendi Dr. John Cassel Branch, Honorary Doctor Malin Frenning and Mayor Karl Petersen. Before the dance began the "Pyrot" Pyrotechnic Association at the university, gave a show with a colorful fireworks display indoors, who got one or two to crouch.

-LTU is the morst important brand in Norrbotten, said Karl Petersen, Mayor of Luleå.

Then the dance broke out and lasted for, allegedly, until 02:30 at night.

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