Akademisk högtid
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Academic ceremony 2012

The academic ceremony at Luleå University of Technology in 2012 with conferment of doctor’s degrees, inauguration of new professors, diplomas to new adjunct professors and awarded of academic prizes and scholarships took place on 10 November.

Four honorary doctorates from the left Margareta Kempe, Eva Karlsson, Tore Lundmark and in the foreground Benny Andersson. Photo Per Pettersson, PP Media

This year's academic festival celebrated

Hats on for honorary degrees and doctorates at Luleå University of Technology are the main attractions at the university's academic festival celebrated this weekend. Also festive dresses, champagne, three course dinner and nice singing are strong elements, as well as formal speeches.

Photo: Johan Sterte, Principal LTU formal talks
Formal Speech by LTU's Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte

- Today is the feast and I want to congratulate all of our new honorary doctors, doctors, professors and adjunct professors, said LTU's Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte during his speech.

To add an extra spice to his greeting, he even sang a short verse of his favorite composer Robert Zimmerman, alias Bob Dylan. Johan Sterte particulary focused on, and celebrated, the work that the University's doctors made to reach their research goals and thus become PhDs.

Picture; Proccesionen led by Marshal Lovisa Ulfsdotter
The procession into the Aula Aurora led by Marshal Lovisa Ulfsdotter

Formal speech was preceded by a long procession into the University's Aula Aurora, led by the marshal Lovisa Ulfsdotter. To entrance music marched, according to tradition, the standard-bearer followed by the Vice Chancellor, faculty deans, honorary doctors, student unions and special guests and more. On location in the aula could the solemn appointments be made.

Photo: Benny Andersson, Margaret Kempe, Eva Karlsson and Tore Lundmark
Honorary doctors Benny Andersson, Margaret Kempe, Eva Karlsson and Tore Lundmark, was promoted during the academic ceremony

Four new honorary doctors, Benny Andersson, musician and composer, Margaret Kempe author, Eva Karlsson SKF President and Tore Lundmark expert on bridges at consulting firm Ramböll, got hat on their head, ring on their finger and a diploma in their hand during the first solemn ceremony. Then got 30 or so doctors their hats, ten new professors were installed and 7 adjunct professors.

In his speeches LTU's Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte, as the researcher he is basically, adopted a problem-oriented perspective, when he talked about mostly positive information about the university. Or as he put it "pleasant" problem. One is that more and more students come to LTU  wich demonstrates the University's strong attractiveness and give more money to the university, but it also creates problems with a shortage of housing and the like.

He also made an analysis of the word "quality" and noted that it very much depends on who sees it. The precept that LTU adheres to is the National Agency quality evaluations.

- So far it has been mostly positive, recently our education to the occupational therapist who was rated very high quality, he said.

Other beneficial ingredients mentioned in the Vice Chancellor's speeches were, for example, focus on senior research, the University's new Organ Acusticum and a Nordic investment in mining research, NordMin, led by LTU's Pär Weihed Professor of ore geology. And Vice Chancellor had also been at the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Conference this week, where Luleå University of Technology was highlighted as "Sweden's best university."

Vice Chancellor was also delighted by the positive development in the Norrbotten region and used a quotation by his own father to describe it.

- He who digs a pit for others, will often be well paid, he said.

Photo: School of Music Chamber Choir
School of Music Chamber Choir

During the ceremony were  a series of musical interludes offered, with rhythmic tones from Mexico and clear voices from the School of Music Chamber Choir. Among other things, the choir sang parts of the song whose honorary Doctor Benny Andersson composed, with lyrics by Kristina Lugn, before the inauguration of the university's high-tech organ Acusticum, "A scripture in the snow."

Photo: Prof. Jerker Delsing LTU
Prof. Jerker Delsing, LTU who received Nordea scientific price

Ceremony concluded with the presentation of academic awards and scholarships. Prof. Jerker Delsing received Nordea price of SEK 100,000 for needs-driven research that benefits global and local business. Another example is Anita Enmark, Space Technology and Örjan Lestander Medical Science who received Luleå University of Technology's price for distinguished contribution to the benefit of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

When the solemn hour in Aula Aurora was finished, the festival participants went out into the wet autum evening to finish with a banquet and dance in the restaurante STUK to late at night. More from that eventually. 

Festivities around long tables at LTU

After academic ceremony time for feast

When the academic ceremony at Luleå University of Technology came to an end on Saturday, enthusiastic festival attendees went to STUK restaurant for banquet and dance. More than 400 people, including honorary doctorates, doctors, professors, other LTU employees and invited guests attended.

After a walk in the autumn rain and guided by torches and bonfires, guests could board the restaurant STUK where it first was offered mingle delicacies and champagne. Then it became three course meal with "rencarpaccio" as starters and "crispy duck" as the main course and of course the appropriate beverages to it. Finally, could a blueberry mousse with blueberry jelly washed down with Moscatel Oro Flor Ali. During the meal, the guests were entertained by a group of female LTU students in the choir Embla and male ditto the chorus Snaps Academy. Guests also had the opportunity to hear Music University student Michaela Stridbecks own compositions accompanied by her fellow student Andreas Eriksson.

During the evening some speech of gratitude was held, but also a bit more "popular science" speech. Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte did a time contemplation and found that there are many varieties of the concept of time, time into a medley of varieties. Both good and bad times, but no matter what, so it goes relentlessly forward. Time is money, he noted that one can buy time, but "Carpe diem" - our best time is now, he concluded, and spiced it all up with a song of his favorite composer Robert Zimmerman, "The times They are A-Changing" .

The party ended with dancing to the band Henkez, to till the early hours one may assume.