Honorary doctorates and world opera singer Peter Mattei will receive his doctoral hat by Catrine Norberg, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Luleå University of Technology

This year's celebration of the University academics

Many were the doctors who received hats and rings during the academic ceremony at Luleå University of Technology. And the installation of new professors a possible new trend was discernible. In his speech Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte paid particular attention to the proportion of female professors, which has increased compared to previous years.

Russell Lansbury, Peter Mattei, Alan Begg and Per-Erik Lindvall
The four honorary doctorates Russell Lansbury, Peter Mattei, Alan Begg and Per-Erik Lindvall was they who first received their honorary degree at Academic ceremony

The Academic Ceremony at Luleå University of Technology means lots of people dressed in formal attire. The ceremony is an orchestrated affair with certain rules to follow. Honorary Doctors are first to step up to receive the hat, a ring and diploma, followed by bowing towards the Vice Chancellor  and audience. The ceremony proceeds with the different categories of academics, new doctors, professors and adjunct professors as well as recipients of various prizes, all receiving their well-earned proof of accomplishment.



More women will be Professor

Professors Kristina Söderholm and Åsa Wallström
Kristina Söderholm and Åsa Wallström are two of the seven women who were installed as professors at the feast.

The Vice Chancellor's speech is a tradition which, this year, highlighted the number of new female professors.

- It is especially gratifying that seven of the new professors are women, he said.

Erik Elfgren and Ulrika Bergmark
Senior Lecturer Erik Elfgren and Associate Professor Ulrika Bergmark received the prestigious prize

Several important awards were announced and handed out during the academic ceremony. Amongst them were Senior lecturer Erik Elfgren and Associate Professor Ulrika Bergmark who both received the university prize for distinguished contribution to the benefit of the education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Professor Uday Kumar price may Nordea
Professor Uday Kumar received Nordea scientific prize.

Another prestigious award which was handed out to an important person at the university was Nordea's scientific prize. This year it went to Professor Uday Kumar and the prize winner was announced and handed over by David Jones, Bank Manager at Nordea. Professor Kumar received the award in part for successfully establishing the research group in operation and maintenance engineering at the University whose research has led to significant energy savings in the community.

Vice Chancellor John Sterte
John Sterte Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology holds traditional speech

In his "rather" long speech, University Vice Chancellor John Sterte again pointed our that things are going very well for the university. Perhaps it is tedious to highlight this again he reflected, but it is well motivated by the many initiatives underway, not least of quality enchancing initiatives.

- We invest in research and the university has nearly doubled the number of scientific publications which are of great importance when we apply for research funding. We focus on education and implement our pedagogical idea to give students a really good education. We have the last two years become more than 200 employees, and we need more space, and as a start, we are investing 360 million SEK on this, he said, among other things.

He also addressed the House of Science, which so far had about 40 successful arrangement and that the university is the third best in Europe in collaboration with industry. And forward, there are two important decisions that will be important for Luleå University of Technology, he pointed out. One is the so-called "mining rush" in which the university has a chance to lead the EU research investment in commodities and where decisions soon is going to be taken. The second is that the University has participadet to develop a strategy for the establishment of multi-data centers and the result of that. But no Vice Chancellor speach is the same if there are no words of advice to all "caprice leaked" doctors and here Vice Chancellor has his own favorite, Robert Zimmerman alias Bob Dylan, that he likes to quote through his own vocal performance, and this time it was "Forever Young .

Professor Erik Westberg
Erik Westberg, professor of choral conducting at the University

But it's not just strictly ceremonial during the academic ceremony, it was also offered nice coral music by the School of Music Chamber Choir conducted by Erik Westberg, professor of choral conducting and also a flute quartet of the same education.

School of Music Chamber Choir
School of Music Chamber Choir performed several beautiful songs during the feast.

Besides composition Vuojnha Biegga by Jan Sandström professor of composition at Luleå University of Technology, the mixed chamber choir offered more pieces of music. Ack, ack om det vore dag by Per Ekedahl is one such example, as well as former music college student Emil Råbergs Academic festival overture. Four female music college students also offered flute music by Paule Maurice.

An academic celebration is of cause preceded by some mingling and also a solemn procession led by the marshal Malin Kuusinen which, incidentally, was an important figure during the entire ceremony. All of this can be seen in a myriad of images below.

Academic ceremony 2014