Sweden´´s most powerful woman, Malin Frenning, now appointed Honorary Doctor at LTU, was once a student at LTU and chairman of the Student Association, today she met the current Chairman Johan Aaro.

Sweden´s most powerful woman back at LTU

For over 20 years ago, she was a student at LTU. Malin Frenning is today head of business area Bredbandsservice at TeliaSonera.

Malin is now once again in place at LTU. She is one of those who is appointed an honorary doctorate at the University. By Veckans affärer she was  earlier this year named to Swedens most powerful woman.

The three honorary doctorates as on November 12 will receive their doctoral hats at the academic ceremony of the University , held lectures. First up were Malin Frenning. It was the oportunity to study technology for just one year, that  attracted her as 19-years old from Sundsvall to  Luleå University of Technology. She is now an honorary doctorate at the University.

- It is honorable to be standing here today. Yes, today I have as the  Director of Broadband Services at TeliaSonera responsibility for 40 billion and 13,000 employees in 20 countries. It is an incredibly exciting industry I work in today, so much is going on all the time, said Malin Frenning.

Martin Jonsson, Development and Research Director at Gestamp-Hard Tech AB in Luleå, Malin Frenning, head of business area bredbandstjänster at TeliaSonera and County Governor Per-Ola Eriksson, all honorary doctorates at the University.

In the mid-1980s, Luleå University of Technology, the only university in Sweden, which offered the opportunity to supplement that of Malin Frenning cases, 3-year-old social studies for four-year technical educatioen. She read  physics, math and chemistry. In addition to studies in mechanical engineering, she also studied  Industrial Economics. It was a combination that suited her perfectly. She was also chairman of the Student Association.

- Kåråret was my first meeting with the leadership structures and I am passionate about leadership. When I applied for my first job, it was kåråren who stood out among other applicants. So just that choosing to engage in the profession was more important than I could imagine. It was an incredibly safe environment on campus in Luleå and I still have my friends from those years, she says.

Malin Frenning talked a lot about mobile telephony development, its role in society and what has actually happened since the first mobile colossians produced in 1981. She also talked about mobile phone's father, the late, East Mäkitalo as she worked with him for some time. He became a role model for her.

- He had a unique ability, namely, that nothing was impossible. He dared to take the initiative and dared to face risks, said Malin Frenning.

Malin Frenning, now appointed Honorary Doctor at LTU

After Malin Frenning took Martin Jonsson of the lecturer. He is currently a development and research manager at Gestamp-Hardtech AB in Lulea. For many years, the company and LTU cooperates with each other. He talked about its development in the crashworthiness of vehicles and the demand for services increased in the 90's, as well as reducing fuel consumption and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and how it affected the company's way of working. He was a student at LTU 1980-1984 and studied mechanical engineering.

- It was a good education at LTU, LTU invested a lot in the students and there was often education in smaller classes. It 'is a great honor to become an honorary doctorate at LTU. There is a recognition of the company and that the investments we have made has gone forward in a positive way, he said.

The last honorary doctor who will receive his doctorate at November 12, was Per-Ola Eriksson. He held an entusiastic speech about what importance  LTU has had for Norrbotten, Sweden, and the speech contained many humorous details and a lot of personal anecdotes. Already in the introduction, he admitted:

- I have not studied at LTU, and now I realize that it was wrong, he said.

His speech was a tribute to the university.

- Call it like a declaration of love. If you can be in love with a university, so then I am.  I can say that without LTU there would not have been any Serverhallar in Luleå. Luleå University of Technology is the most important investment that occurred in Norrbotten in modern times. This I compare with the construction of the railroad for more than a century ago. The University allows us to reach an international arena, we would not otherwise have reached. LTU has trained many successful business leaders in Sweden.