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Academic Ceremony at the University

Published: 13 November 2017

During the year, Luleå University of Technology has received three new honorary doctors, 20 new professors – ten women and ten men – and 75 new doctors. This was celebrated at the traditional Academic ceremony last Saturday.

Every November, an Academic ceremony is held at Luleå University of Technology as a celebration of the academic achievements of the year.

More than 400 people were in place at the ceremony in Aula Aurora last Saturday, for the installation of new professors, the welcoming of new adjunct professors and the promotion of new honorary doctors and doctors.

During his speech at the ceremony, the university's Deputy Vice-Chancellor Erik Höglund emphasized the important role of the university in an increasingly globalized world, but also regionally.

– Of our graduates, about 35 percent remain in our region, which, in today's figures, is 700 people per year. If we try to summarize over the years, it means some 15,000 highly educated people have stayed in our county, said Erik Höglund.

Arctic collaboration

He also raised the "Arctic Five", the new Arctic collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and the universities in Umeå, Oulu, Rovaniemi and Tromsö.
– Through our cooperation, we will become by far the largest node globally related to Arctic research and development. A position we believe will be very significant the day the development of the Arctic region is accelerating, which will certainly happen due to climate change. A responsible and sustainable use of assets like oil, gas, minerals and fisheries is extremely important in the sensitive ecosystem of the Arctic. We, who live in the north, have a knowledge and insight needed for that.

The University’s three new honorary doctors participated in the ceremony and the banquet in STUK. The new honorary doctors are:

Jan Lexell, originally from Luleå, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Lund University and Medical Director at the Skåne University Hospital.

Jenny B Osuldsen, designing architect and partner at Snøhetta, Norway. She has participated in projects such as the Memorial Pavilion at Ground Zero in New York, the new Opera House in Oslo, the New Library in Alexandria and The 7th Room at the Tree Hotel in Harads.

Geoffrey Vining , professor of statistics at Virginia Tech in the United States, one of the world's top researchers in statistics.

Speeches and music

During the banquet, speeches were held by Erik Höglund, professor Roland Larsson, Annica Sandström, new professor of political science, Geoffrey Vining, new doctor Erik Nilsson and Sven-Erik Österberg, governor, Norrbotten county.

The chamber choir from the University's School of Music performed at the ceremony, and Snapsakademien and duo Johanna and Lada at the banquet.

On the menu, composed by Hemmagastronomi’s restaurateur Simon Laiti, were lemongrass perch, fillet of venison and dulce de leche with sea buckthorn.