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Published: 8 August 2018

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the University's academic ceremony.

When does the academic ceremony take place?

This year´s Academic Ceremony takes place on November 14, 2020.

Those who have successfully defended their doctoral thesis during and professors who have commenced their employment, are invited to the ceremony and banquet.

For other event dates and times, please refer to the calendar.


Invitations to new doctors and professors will be sent to the addresses in the HR database at LTU. If you have changed your address please inform your supervisor or us, via to ensure that your invitation reach correct address.


The registration opens in September 2020.

Registration will be done online via following:

Programme for the day

Participants of the procession arrive at Kulturens hus at 14.45. Other guests arrive no later than 15:45. 

The ceremony starts at 16:00 and lasts approximately 2½ hours.

The ceremony is followed by a banquet at Luleå Energi arena which is at walking distance from Kuturens hus. Transport by bus will be also available Bus 

Dress Code

Formal dress is required at the academic ceremony and banquet reception. This equals tailcoat with a white vest or belt and white bow tie, black socks and black shoes or a floor length dress or two piece garment with long skirt, in any colour.

Other types of formal wear such as uniforms and traditional dress may occur. Consult the Master of Ceremonies if you have any queries.

Guests who attend both the ceremony and banquet should dress in tailcoat, dark suit or evening gown.

There is no dress code for guests who attend only the ceremony in Kulturens hus.

Children and young people may wear a shirt with tie and trousers or a dress of any length.


Guests in Kulturens hus

To participate at the Academic Ceremony at the Kulturens hus, confirmation of the registration is required. Ticket/confirmations are sent to you via e-mail after registration for the ceremony.

Guests should be seated in the Stora salen, Kulturens hus no later than 3.45 p. m. The ceremony will take about two and a half hours.

Our recommendation is that small children should not attend the academic ceremony. The event requires that they have to sit still for about two hours. There is no walking around or talking among the guests during the ceremony. Try to arrange a babysitter!

Children at banquet

Children participate under the same conditions as the adults at the banquet. The same food is served, the envelopes are succumbed the same way. It is up to the parents to decide if the children have benefit of the banquet. For those who want to bring baby stroller, make note in the registration form.


Private photography during the ceremony is permitted from each seat. Please avoid loud, annoying and bulky cameras.

Photographing with hired photographer takes place during and after the ceremony. The photos will be available for order from the photographer about two weeks after the ceremony. More information will follow.

Doctoral hat or laurel

The faculties at Luleå University bestows the doctoral hat as a gift to the degree conferred.

Hatter Marie Fredberg Lindström is the one who sews the hats, phone +46 11 473 57 70.

However, you must measure you head for right size of the hat. You are responsible for any cost related to measurement. For hat measurement in Luleå you can contact Skräddar´n, Tullgatan 12, telephone +46 70 286 21 19.
If you havent got the opportunity to get your measurements taken in Luleå, please use the template below, and send the measurements to the hatter.

If you measure your head yourself, please send the measurements to the hatter Marie Fredberg-Lindström who sew the hats:

Marie Fredsberg-Lindström
Ekuddevägen 11
617 32 Skärblacka

phone +46 11 473 57 70

Note Promotion in Luleå and your name. Please make an appointment for measure the head as soon as possibly.

If you are a Doctor of Philosophy/Filosofie doktor and wish to be conferred with laurel wreath instead of a hat, please notify the Master of ceremonies.

Doctoral ring

During the ceremony, the handing over of the ring takes place symbolically.

The conferment ceremony is purely voluntary and has no legal significance. Individuals who have defended their thesis and received a degree have the same right to purchase both doctoral ring and doctoral hat, without the obligation of participating in the actual ceremony. The doctoral ring may be acquired from The Student Association of Engeineering

Please note that those entitled to wear the ring can order it at any time during the year.


The diploma is proof that one is a degree conferred. Those who do not attend the ceremony will not receive a diploma.

LTU-embroidered collar

Georg Sörman AB at St. Eriksgatan 41 in Stockholm embroider tail collars. They have the pattern of Luleå University of Technology.
e-mail georg.sorman @
telephone +46 8 651 33 13.


To ensure that the ceremony will run as smoothly as possible a rehearsal and practise session of the ceremony will take place in Kulturens hus,k at xx the day before the actual ceremony.


Special dietary and food allergies requirements must be noted in the registration form (for you and your guests).

Alcohol-free beverages or mineral water is always served to the person who so desires. Water is available at the tables.

At the dinner you will be placed with your guests and colleagues from the same department. If you have any special wishes these should be made in the registration form for the ceremony.


Banquet cancellations must be communicated to No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than 7 calendar days before the ceremony and banquet.

Questions about the ceremony

For questions please contact:
Nazanin Emami, ceremonimästare, 0920-49 19 39 or
Maria Åberg-Andersson, rektors sekreterare, 0920-49 16 05