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ArcTech Learning Lab

Sweden's foremost research center for digital learning that rests on a scientific basis and proven experience.

ArcTech Learning Lab aims to strengthen research on innovative digital teaching methods and digital solutions for learning at all levels of education.

The business brings together researchers together with other actors to experiment with new technologies such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and digital teacher resources to develop the learning of the future.

The ArcTech Learning Lab research area was started, among other things, due to the great lack of competence that prevails in digital learning. Especially within the school's activities, there is a great need to strengthen competence in the area. In the Arctic region, where we operate, the need for digitalisation and distance learning is particularly important due to the great distances.

Luleå University of Technology also needs new technical equipment that can develop the evidence-based learning of the future.

ArcTech Learning Lab contributes to

  • To create pioneering and socially beneficial research in digital learning that makes Luleå University of Technology a leader in the field.

  • Generate product-related prototypes, nationally and internationally.

  • To develop the evidence-based learning of the future.

  • Increased degree of applied research in learning.

Learning lab

Within the ArcTech Learning Lab, a test bed in the form of a learning lab will be created in 2021. The learning lab invites and brings together various actors and practitioners in digital learning. The goal is for researchers, teachers, students and external partners to be able to use the lab in order to learn more about digital learning.

ArcTech Learning Lab was founded in 2019 by Assistant Professor Caroline Graeske and Professor Peter Parnes.