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Tovah creates in virtual reality.  Photo: Peter Parnes
Tovah creates in virtual reality. Photo: Peter Parnes View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Technology-related learning

What is the focus of the research field?

The area of learning related to technology-related learning is about how technology can be used to support the learning process. It's about digitalization in general where we use modern digital technologies as part of the teaching and more specifically how technologies such as machine learning (artificial intelligence) for adaptive learning systems and how so-called XR (virtual and augmented reality) technology can be used to facilitate the learning process. With the help of the new technology, for example, distance learning is strengthened by providing teachers with easy access to new didactic opportunities, and where the students get a better learning process, as well as where students can learn independently of time and space. Research in this area leads to new opportunities for learning.

Why is this important?

Research is important for LTU to be at the forefront and be able to contribute to different types of modern learning processes.

The research around technology-related learning is also about how teachers of all levels can be supported in their role of teaching. This is important as we already see a large lack of teachers in Sweden, and technology can help through modern tools to support learning. On the same line, it is important that pupils and students at all levels receive an individualized learning process, as research shows that we all learn at different speeds. Here digital technology can be an important component. Another aspect is research on how modern technology can be used to help people with different disabilities to learn.

As a student to be a part of learning is extra important from the perspective of lifelong learning, where we are all students throughout our lives. The evolution of society with digitalization on all fronts forces us all to constantly educate ourselves if we are to be part of a future labor market.

In a globalized perspective, technology-related research can also contribute to how pupils and students can travel virtually and get a better picture of our global society. Already today we can do virtual study visits to many places on earth and, for example, visit museums all over the world or why not go on a study trip to Mars.

What is the main contribution?

Research on technology-related learning helps to increase understanding of the possibilities of using modern technologies as part of learning processes to create the best conditions for learning on all levels. Research contributes to a school based on scientific basis.

Peter Parnes

Peter Parnes, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491033
Organisation: Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering

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