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Eva Alerby
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Concerted effort to strengthen learning

Published: 19 February 2018

Luleå University of Technology has identified the subject area of ​​learning as strategically important and has therefore appointed a project manager to visualize the area.

- The aim of the initiative is to make a strategic effort on university research in education, where the overall objective is to develop a vision and target for the learning area - to define what the university will gather, highlight and profile, says Eva Alerby, professor and project manager for strategic area of learning.

Want to promote collaboration

Learning in various forms permeates the university's activities and Eva Alerby points out that learning as a strong research and innovation area is not only aimed at teacher education and learning in school activities.

- Teacher education and learning in school, but also in university education, are of course central parts of the area, but they are far from the only ones. Workplace and organizational learning as well as technology-related learning are equally important. Learning by nature is both multidisciplinary and, for a project such as this, it is therefore important to actively promote synergy across the subject and institutional boundaries, which I mean is one of the prerequisites for successful results.

All societal development depends on learning

Eva Alerby is convinced that learning as a strong research and innovation area is beneficial to the entire university.

- Learning is an extremely central area for all those involved in education regardless of level, and it is also a central area for society at large. All social development depends to some extent on learning - without it there is hardly any development. To invest in learning as a strong research and innovation area can in the long run put Luleå University of Technology on the map as far as research and innovation related to learning are concerned.

Mapping existing activities

In addition to Eva Alerby, the project team includes three area managers: Caroline Graeske, school and university education, Peter Parnes, technology-related learning and Karolina Parding, workplace / organizational learning. At the first stage, the group will carry out a survey of the research and activities already in progress. Seminars and workshops will also be organized to visualize existing research and activities, but also to discuss future strategies and visions.

- By collecting researchers from different areas of learning, new collaborative constellations and ideas can arise, for example in the form of research collaboration, new research applications and research projects, which in turn is important for making visible the area of ​​learning at Luleå University of Technology, says Eva Alerby.