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The lack of teacher on the agenda

Published: 31 August 2018

On 29-30 August, the conference Current School Policy 2018 was held in Skellefteå. Region Västerbotten was behind the event and invited both politicians and service personnel to discuss the lack of teacher and "The World's Most Important Job".

Among the invited guests were Anna Ekström, senior education and knowledge minister, as well as the Swedish National Agency for Education, Peter Fredriksson. Luleå University of Technology was represented by Cathrine Norberg, Pro Vice-Chancellor, and Caroline Graeske, Head of Department at the Department of Arts, Communication and Learning.

– The conference is a very good initiative. More meeting places are needed where different actors discuss teacher shortage, as it concerns our future. If we do not have any teachers in the future, we also have no school, says Caroline Graeske.

A complex problem

Cathrine Norberg and Caroline Graeske participated in a presentation with a subsequent panel discussion discussing how colleges and universities recruit teacher students and face the lack of teachers in society.

Teacher shortage is a very complex problem where different actors have to contribute in different ways to make a change. An important key is more interaction between universities, colleges and principals, says Caroline Graeske, emphasizing the importance of finding solutions to the teacher shortage.

The teacher's profession is a profession that deals with leadership, creativity and development, - development of the future, if you might say!


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