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Research school inaugurated

Published: 25 January 2019

Luleå University of Technology's new research school PROFS was inaugurated at Vetenskapens hus on Friday. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure the university's scientific competence in close cooperation with the schools in the region.

– It feels good that we are now up and runningl, after planning throughout the autumn. We started the first course last week and it already feels like a great benefit to follow this group during the education, says Stefan Lundström, who together with Susanne Westman is the director of the graduate school.

Strengthens research and teacher education

Stefan Lundström feels convinced that the newly started graduate school will strengthen the university's school research but also the teacher education.

– The graduate school creates the conditions for building both national and international networks. The research school's activities have already been recognized by other universities, and Luleå University of Technology thus becomes an important player in the field of practical school research, says Stefan and continues.

– The doctoral students' research will affect the teacher education in several ways. The knowledge that they develop themselves will be used in the teaching at the teacher education, and we expect the research results they produce will affect the scientific foundation of the education in the long term, says Stefan Lundström and emphasizes the importance of the graduate school being conducted in collaboration with Region Norrbotten and Boden and Luleå municipality.

Important link in the collaboration

– We cannot pursue a teacher education without cooperating with the surrounding society and the doctoral students will be an important link in this collaboration. Through the collaboration, they will bring fresh experiences from the school activities to the research environment and, in turn, contribute with scientific perspectives in the municipalities.

Magnus Åkerlund, Head of School at Bodens municipality, sees the graduate school as a part of securing the supply of competent teachers

– We want the teachers who are educated at the university to have a good competence and a scientific perspective when they come and work with us. A strengthened research environment at Luleå University of Technology contributes to competence and school development in the municipalities and in this way we are involved in securing the education for children and pupils in Norrbotten.

Natural contact with the schools

The graduate school has attached eight doctoral students divided among all research topics linked to the university's teacher education programs. One of them is Denise Danielsson from Luleå, who sees great advantages with the graduate school having such close cooperation with the schools in the region.

– This means that we get a natural contact with teachers and students. The graduate school also makes it easier for us to link our projects directly to the activities at the schools. Another great advantage is that all doctoral students are in the same stage in the research process and can support each other. In addition, our expertise and input are broadened as we are spread across various research topics.