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Editorial: Affect, embodiment and interrelationships (2019)

Reconceptualising educational policy through encounters with learning spaces and places
Arndt. S, Alerby. E, Westman. S
Policy Futures in Education, Vol. 17, nr. 4, s. 455-459
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Philosophical reimaginings of educational places and policy (2019)

Through the metaphor of a wardrobe
Alerby. E, Arndt. S, Westman. S
Policy Futures in Education, Vol. 17, nr. 4, s. 460-473
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Places for silence and stillness in schools of today (2019)

A matter for educational policy
Alerby. E
Policy Futures in Education, Vol. 17, nr. 4, s. 530-540
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Re-considering the ontoepistemology of student engagement in higher education (2019)

Westman. S, Ulrika. B
Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 51, nr. 8, s. 792-802
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‘We Can and We Want To’ (2019)

People with Disabilities Intra-acting with Researchers and Technology in Research
Näslund. R, Gardelli. Å
Work Based Learning e-Journal International, Vol. 8, nr. 1, s. 67-84

Beyond the boundaries of the classroom (2018)

Interpersonal relationships in thetransformation from (edu)room to (edu)roam
Alerby. E, Kostenius. C
Ingår i: NERA2018 - 46th Congress, Educational Research: Boundaries, Breaches and Bridges, 2018
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Don’t Ask Me Why (2018)

Preschool Teachers’ Knowledge in Technology as a Determinant of Leadership Behavior
Öqvist. A, Högström. P
Journal of Technology Education, Vol. 29, nr. 2, s. 4-19
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Education in Diversity – Diversity in Education (2018)

Students with Visual Disabilities in the Sultanate of Oman
Profanter. A, Näslund. R, Al-Said. S
Al-Raida - The Pioneer, Vol. 42, nr. 2, s. 1-21

Evolving Bildung and the Question Concerning Technology (2018)

Ekberg. N, Schwieler. E
Ingår i: Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation, Streaming media and meaning making: issues of (sounding) arts, technology, democracy, education  and communication – Spotify as a case, 2018
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Improving learning outcomes in the Swedish school system (2018)

Kokkola. L, Öqvist. A, Gardelli. Å, Lindström. L, Nordlund. M
Ingår i: Addressing Societal Challenges