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Graph-theoretical approaches and tools for quantitatively assessing curricula coherence (2020)

Varagnolo. D, Knorn. S, Staffas. K, Fjällström. E, Wrigstad. T
European Journal of Engineering Education, s. 1-20
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Group Argumentation Development through Philosophical Dialogues for Persons with Acquired Brain Injuries (2020)

Backman. Y, Gardelli. T, Gardelli. V, Strömberg. C
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, Vol. 67, nr. 1, s. 107-123
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Heideggerian Perspectives on the Possibilities of Being a Teacher (2020)

Ekberg. N, Alerby. E
Ingår i: Encyclopedia of Teacher Education
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Editorial: Affect, embodiment and interrelationships (2019)

Reconceptualising educational policy through encounters with learning spaces and places
Arndt. S, Alerby. E, Westman. S
Policy Futures in Education, Vol. 17, nr. 4, s. 455-459
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Mechanisms enabling knowledge production in learning study (2019)

Kullberg. A, Vikström. A, Runesson. U
International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies
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Philosophical reimaginings of educational places and policy (2019)

Through the metaphor of a wardrobe
Alerby. E, Arndt. S, Westman. S
Policy Futures in Education, Vol. 17, nr. 4, s. 460-473
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Places for silence and stillness in schools of today (2019)

A matter for educational policy
Alerby. E
Policy Futures in Education, Vol. 17, nr. 4, s. 530-540
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Professional and academic knowledge in teachers’ research (2019)

An empowering oscillation
Bergmark. U, Erixon. P
European Educational Research Journal (online)
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Re-considering the ontoepistemology of student engagement in higher education (2019)

Westman. S, Ulrika. B
Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 51, nr. 8, s. 792-802