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Kiruna Sustainability Center (KSC)

Published: 13 November 2018

Kiruna Sustainability Center (KSC) is a major transdisciplinary collaborative project between Kiruna Municipality / Tekniska verken AB, Luleå University of Technology and RISE to develop and test ideas, methods and solutions for sustainable urban development in connection with the relocation of Kiruna. The main projects under the KSC umbrella include:

  • Testbed Kiruna , funded by the Swedish Agency for Growth, co-financed by Region Norrbotten, Sparbanken Nord, LTU and RISE. LTU coordinator Kristina L Nilsson

  • Innovation platform Kiruna , funded by Vinnova and co-financed by LTU and RISE. LTU coordinator Christer Åhlund

KSC contains many subprojects / Cases, either led by LTU or RISE researchers, and funded by both main projects. Representatives in TVAB and Kiruna Municipality are also included in all working groups. LTU is represented in all subprojects by researchers from many of the LTU's institutions and research groups, see table.



Arbetsgrupp från LTU

Hållbart byggande

Karin Sandberg RISE

Thomas Olofsson, Marcus Sandberg LTU

Avfall- o materialhantering

Per Sommarin RISE

Anders Lagerqvist LTU

Nytt energisystem

Jan Dahl LTU

Thomas Olofsson LTU

IT o IoT i samhällets tjänst

Christer Åhlund LTU

Therese Balksjö, RISE

Flexibla trafiklösningar

Maria Öberg LTU

David Chapman, Johan Odelius 


Tora Råberg RISE

Agatino Rizzo, Marcus Sandberg LTU

Inkl. koordinering KSC

Kristina L Nilsson, LTU
Christer Åhlund LTU

Agatino Rizzo, Saguna Saguna LTU